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Shower Repair Maitland Park

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There is little more annoying and inconvenient than trying to deal with a faulty or malfunctioning shower. The plumbers in our network are highly skilled at all kinds of Maitland Park shower repairs from the simplest to the most complicated. They are able to handle shower repair for Maitland Park homes in the most economical way possible, and they can repair mixer, power, electric, thermostatic and other types of showers.

When contacting a company in our network that handles Maitland Park shower repairs, it is important to thoroughly explain the problem and the type of shower so that your chosen Maitland Park plumber can bring the proper tools to fix your problem right away. For example, lime-scale buildup is one of the most frequent problems that cause mixer showers to malfunction. Power showers utilise pumps to increase water pressure and the pumps can sometimes break seriously decreasing the pressure. Electric showers that stop working will result in no hot water being available for the user. Thermostatic showers have a number of components that can malfunction leaving the user with a cold shower.

Maitland Park shower repair costs

Maitland Park Shower Repair Costs

Typical shower repair prices differ from job to job based on the type of shower and extent of the malfunction. Regional prices for materials and wages will also impact the cost of a shower repair in your area. Using a company that can show proof of proper licensing, insurance and bonding may cost a little more, but is well worth the extra money to get your shower fixed correctly by skilled experts like those in our professional network.

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Your Maitland Park shower repair questions answered

How can a malfunctioning shower valve be accessed?

After ensuring that the water is off, remove the shower handle using either a Phillips screwdriver or an Allen wrench and then remove the valve retainer. If you're not confident then you can hire a professional to carry out the work.

How can a leaking tap handle be fixed?

If the handle is leaking while in the off position, turn off the water and remove the handle and replace the cartridge. If it keeps leaking, it might be time to call in a professional.

What are some signs that my shower needs repaired?

Leaking, especially from the floor is a sign you need shower repairs. Loose fixtures, low water pressure and a clogged drain are all indications that repairs are needed as well.

Is it better to repair or replace a showerhead?

If the showerhead is only clogged, it can usually be cleaned and repaired, but if interior components are malfunctioning, you should consider replacing the showerhead instead.

Is it difficult to repair my Maitland Park shower that is leaking?

If the leak is due to a crack in the walls or floor of the shower, it can normally be repaired very easily. Repairs may be more difficult if the leak is due to faulty plumbing.

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